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We have a specialist team of painters all with a wealth of experience of transforming the exterior of Scottish homes we have completed over the years. Our exterior wall coatings are the very highest standard and come with a guarantee of up to 20 years. Having the exterior of your home or property walls, roof and overall general appearance looking as clean, fresh and weather protected like this will make your home stand out on your street. Property prices are also likely to increase especially to the alternatives like having the exterior of your house painted exterior painting although the concept is the same in no way can match up to the quality and the final product of have wall coating add. Typical painting jobs tend to be the interior of your home or business, say a few rooms here and there or a whole repaint of the exterior which is not a long-term solution.

We have a wealth of experience in all kinds of renovation including….. roughcast, pebbledash, sandstone, concrete, brick and any type of masonry construction.

Due to customer demand in Glasgow & across Scotland we have been kept extremely busy with exterior painting, specifically exterior wall coating which once you see the difference we can make to a property you will see why it’s so popular! Exterior wall coating completely transforms your home or business, giving your property a fresh new look stands out and that’s built to last through the harsh Scottish weather.

We only use proPERLA wall coating products which is a superhydrophobic coating which acts as insulation on your walls increasing protection from and reducing your energy bills. Tonnes of research has went into creating proPERLA coating products and they have been proven to lower the level of heat lost through walls by up to 50%. This is particularly true if you cavity wall insulation fitted in your property. The standard exterior plain brick wall in Scotland retains more moisture and which leads to poorer performance of insulation and visible ‘wear and tear’ over the years. All exterior painting & coating provided by Wall Coating Scotland comes with a manufacturers guarantee ranging between 10 and 20 years depending on the product. All of our painters are proPERLA approved, meaning they are experts both in the process of exterior paint jobs and in using the suitable products for your new exterior wall.



Lots of people love the idea of having wall coating applied to their house when we have visited you to show you our portfolio and discuss which package you want the next obstacle, of course, is then the price of the wall coating. It’s incredibly hard to give an idea of price over the phone, Wall Coating Scotland have a process followed by all of our team and in order to give you an accurate cost, it’s really better that we visit you have a chat and survey the dimensions of your home to give you an exact quotation. A mid terraced house in Scotland can start from £1500 however detached houses and other types of large homes we have worked on in Scotland can cost 3 or 4 times that. Unfortunately giving a starting price is about all we can provide online or over the phone so it’s really best that we visit you and sit down for a chat and provide an itemised quotation for you to consider.



Given the results wall coating produces and the length of time it will continue to enhance the appearance of your home it’s surprisingly quick to “install”. Normally the completion of wall coating again will take 2-3 days again this is of course dependant on the size of your home and with some luxury properties, we have wall coated in the past it has taken up to 5 days, however this is on very rare occasions and is simply down to the number of walls we have to coat. Regardless whether you live in a luxury mansion or not our process is the same:

Day 1 – Preparation, we clean the walls and make sure they are in the best condition possible before applying the wall coating.

Standard exterior painting over the of the wall of your house over paint that is a similar colour, generally you don’t require to prime the existing paintwork and paint. To prepare for wall coating however, requires that you wash the wall to remove any dirt, debris or dirt the has built up over the years. Wall Coating Scotland also make sure we fill any holes and cracks and repair some existing wear and tear on the wall of your home.

Day 2 – The First Coat, we apply the first coat evenly using our latest equipment letting it dry overnight and making sure it applies well.

We use a tyrolean gun with a cement mixer built into that equipment, simply turn the handle which turns the cylinder inside the tool. The tool then uses the cement mixture and flicks onto the exterior wall surface.

Day 3 – The Second Coat & inspection, we apply the second coat generally a little thicker generally we do this early in the day and will be ready to inspect your home and make sure you are 100% SATISFIED with the finished product. 

On the last day it’s vital we get the coating and give it time to set, we will then sign it off with our own checklist and get your feedback which we encourage to be detailed and will give you all paperwork and our contact details as well as any documents related to your guarantee. 

***Further days might be required depending on the size of your property.***


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